Designed with adjustable tension and fitted with a spring break device mounted on a steel shaft the springs provide a high level of safety compared to tension springs utilised by other doors. The springs are polyester powder coated and come complete with all fixtures and fitting required for installation.


The lock can be operated both internally and externally through “T” handles or an ornamental circular turn. The working mechanism engages with spring mounted adjustable strikes on both sides of the door automatically for crisp closing.


Nylon wheel rollers are mounted into painted galvanised steel brackets attached to individual door panels, which are guided into the door track assembly.


Each garage door panel section is linked and bolted to a continuous hinge assembly, which restricts rain and draught entry into the garage. PVC seals engage with the door sides and head to reduce the incidence of draughts and rainwater entry. The base of the bottom panel incorporates a u-shaped flexible seal to engage with the floor.


Angle/Jointing strips (Dexion type) can be provided when requested.


The track assembly is vertically tapered to allow correct seating of the door panels in the closed position. The horizontal track is separately connected to the vertical track when installed.


Only 200mm minimum headroom clearance is required over the door lintol in order for the spring package to be installed. Side clearance of 117mm is required on both sides for the track system. 234mm clearance is required where a centre post separates adjoining doors. Please note that these clearances must extend to the rear of the doors run, any cupboards, shelves or personnel doors within these areas may interfere with the installation/operation of the door

Please see our door dimension check sheet for further details


Doors are custom-made within the following parameters:

Width: Panels can be supplied up to 4.88m (16’00”) wide

Height: Minimum height 1.829m (6’00”)

Heights between 1.829m (6’00”) and 2.134m (7’00”)
– Made up of 4 panels

For heights over 2.134m (7’00”) please enquire.